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28 September 2020

Positions - Unfolding Architectural Endeavors

Over the last ten years, the SLIVER series of lectures has gained international recognition as a forum where young and established designers, artists, and theorists can present and exchange new ideas. In the context of the 150-year anniversary of the University for Applied Arts, SLIVER presented as "positions" the works and ideas of graduates from the Institute for Architecture created in the course of the last three decades. Maja Ozvaldič, Bence Pap, Indre Umbrasaitė, and the Institute of Architecture (Eds.)

28 September 2020

Stressing Wachsmann. Structures for a Future/Strukturen für eine Zukunft

Stressing Wachsmann – Structures for a Future offers a comprehensive overview of German-American architect Konrad Wachsmann’s life (1901-1980), work and influence. Wachsmann’s multifarious pioneering achievements and his unconditional faith in future technologies and methods testify to his profound humanism. Klaus Bollinger, Florian Medicus and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Eds.)

28 September 2020


ISLAND, CITY, VILLAGE, RIVER is a visual archive of the selected projects developed over a four-year period at the Studio Kazuyo Sejima, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Kazuyo Sejima, co-founder of SANAA, the Tokyo-based Pritzker Prize winning practice, was head of the studio between 2015 and 2019. Edited by Anna Gulińska and Indrė Umbrasaitė, Studio Sejima and the Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna

27 September 2020

[applied] Foreign Affairs / East Legon Past Forward

EAST LEGON PAST FORWARD is a project investigating the spatial, socio-cultural, and migratory characteristics of Abotsiman, one of the few remaining grown neighbourhoods of East Legon, Accra, and the implications of urban transformation on it. East Legon Past Forward is a joint project between [applied] Foreign Affairs, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna and Orthner Orthner & Associates (OOA). Baerbel Mueller, Juergen Strohmayer (Eds.)

26 September 2020

iheartblob – Augmented Architectural Objects A New Visual Language

iheartblob corroborates sharply-pointed, short-form architectural thought and criticism, tantalising imagery and augmented reality content. The Architectural Objects contained within both enchant as well as reflect on the crisis of thought plaguing architecture today by orchestrating new and established ideas as though they are materials, engaging seriously with each, whilst remaining at a distance from full immersion.

28 September 2019

dada - digital architectural design assertion

The ongoing introduction of digital design tools in the architectural profession does not only influence the architectural design product, but equally affects the underlying design process. A digital design process taking full advantage of the potential of digital design tools is different than a paper & pencil based design development process. This publication questions how the digital architectural design tools alter the education process of future architects. By Andrei Gheorghe

1 January 2018

150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

The book gives an account of the historical development from the Kunstgewerbeschule to today's "Angewandte." In a comprehensive presentation not only the diversity of all fields of study between architecture, design and fine art is visible, but also their future prospects.

15 December 2017

The exhibition AESTHETICS OF CHANGE: 150 Years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna runs until 15 April 2018!

29 September 2017

IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2017/18 invites graduates to share their POSITIONS

The Unfolding of Architectural Endeavours

27 September 2017

Sublime Bodies Book Presentation

The Book Sublimes Bodies presents itself as a collection of essays by Austrian Architects and educators Matias del Campo & Sandra Manninger outlining the driving forces behind the work of their practice SPAN.

18 September 2017

IoA Traveling Workshop Embodied Togetherness

The first IoA Traveling Workshop, titled “Embodied Togetherness“ took place on the Baltic seaside in Lithuania, September 10-18, 2017.

27 June 2017

Re: Futures

Studio Hani Rashid book launch!