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1 January 2018

150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

The book gives an account of the historical development from the Kunstgewerbeschule to today's "Angewandte." In a comprehensive presentation not only the diversity of all fields of study between architecture, design and fine art is visible, but also their future prospects.

15 December 2017

The exhibition AESTHETICS OF CHANGE: 150 Years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna runs until 15 April 2018!

29 September 2017

IoA Sliver Lecture Series 2017/18 invites graduates to share their POSITIONS

The Unfolding of Architectural Endeavours

27 September 2017

Sublime Bodies Book Presentation

The Book Sublimes Bodies presents itself as a collection of essays by Austrian Architects and educators Matias del Campo & Sandra Manninger outlining the driving forces behind the work of their practice SPAN.

18 September 2017

IoA Traveling Workshop Embodied Togetherness

The first IoA Traveling Workshop, titled “Embodied Togetherness“ took place on the Baltic seaside in Lithuania, September 10-18, 2017.

27 June 2017

Re: Futures

Studio Hani Rashid book launch!

12 April 2017

IoA Sliver Lecture Series "Architecture and Technology"

29 March 2017

AFA Book Launch

Investigating spatial phenomena in rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa Begrüßung: Gerald Bast Podiumsdiskussion: Angelika Fitz, Lesley Lokko, Baerbel Mueller, Barbara Putz-Plecko [a]FA ist ein

7 March 2017

Innochain first year colloquium and research exhibition „Design Probes“ at Angewandte Innovation Laboratory Vienna

7 March 2017

TAB - Tallin Architecture Biennale

6 March 2017

Elytra Filament Pavilion

25 February 2017

Amazing Things Architects Make When They Aren’t Architecting