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25 August 2022

Nonlinear Urbanism Towards Multiple Urban Futures

This book compiles speculative contributions on disruptive, nonlinear futures of urban agglomerations, based on research conducted on urban innovation at the Department of Special Topics in Architecture at the Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Students, alongside renowned experts, also comment on questions concerning our urban future.The novel reading structure, which is realized and suggested by the concept of the book, is also nonlinear: thematic, graphic cross-references enable contextual reading in addition to continuous reading. The enhancement of the printed book with digital augmented reality (AR) components offers networked, simultaneous reading on several levels and thus reflects the complexity of urban systems. Edited by Anton Falkeis, Anastasia Shesterikova, Benjamin James, Michael Tingen and the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Languages: English

Edition Angewandte, Birkhäuser Basel
ISBN 9783035624397 / e‑ISBN 9783035624410

Book price: € 29.95