Angewandte Architecture Alumni Club


25 August 2022

Realisierte Visionen - Eine Festschrift für Klaus Bollinger

Klaus Bollinger: An appraisal This commemorative publication is dedicated to the visionary structural engineer and Professor for Structural Engineering at the Institute of Architecture (I oA) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Klaus Bollinger. On the occasion of his retirement, colleagues from teaching and practice, renowned architects, and graduates of the IoA pay tribute to Klaus Bollinger’s work in around 100 contributions. He is honored as a committed professor and longstanding dean, as an internationally regarded engineer, and also as a friend. Not only in his successful collaboration with Manfred Grohmann (Bollinger + Grohmann currently have offices at thirteen locations worldwide), but also as a teacher and dean, Klaus Bollinger played a significant role in shaping innovative and contemporary planning and architecture worldwide. Edited by Matthias Boeckl, Andrea Börner, Roswitha Janowski-Fritsch, Florian Medicus and Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Edition Angewandte
ISBN: 9783035624366