Angewandte Architecture Alumni Club


3 February 2023

 Fluid Bodies_Methods for Casting New Esthetics

Edited by Rupert Zallmann and the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Eds.)

Fluid Bodies presents a variety of objects created using alternative casting methods. The book documents experimental artistic research and showcases innovative and surprising sculptures in concrete and plaster with numerous large-format photographs.Concrete and plaster sculptures, parametric designs, and the further development of conventional formwork models and casting processes: Working with hardening bodies fundamentally challenges the notion of formal rigidity; conventional formwork models are reconsidered, and a new aesthetic emerges.

With contributions by:Paul Clousier, Luca Conte, Anton Defant, Marco Dessi, Studio Stefan Diez, Anna Heimrath, Moritz Heimrath, Cathrine Hu, Ursula Klein, August Kocherscheidt, Christine König, Quirin Krumbholz, Studio Greg Lynn, Adam Orlinski, Bence Pap, Giulio Polita, Studio Klaas de Rycke, Michael Tingen, and Rupert Zallmann

Languages: English

Edition Angewandte, Birkhäuser Basel
ISBN 9783035625868

Book price: € 39.95