AAAC: Angewandte Architecture Alumni Club

Spring Challenge

6 March 2012

Spring Challenge

IOA SPRING CHALLENGE is an international design workshop series intended for architecture students interested in exploring integrated digital design and fabrication within the teaching environment of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts.

Integrated Digital Design and Fabrication

Architectural Design at the Angewandte is taught as an integrated, multidisciplinary process. Following this tradition, the design process will be enriched with structural testing of parametric models in Karamba, a structural analysis plugin for Grasshopper developed as a research project at the Department of Structural Design at the Angewandte. The research project was awarded the Austrian “Baupreis 2010/11”. Specialists from Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers will co-tutor the workshop. The handling of virtual simulation methods in the fields of parametric and digital production will be a primary focus of the workshop.

This week long intense workshop will result not only in full scale built structures, but will also inform and prepare interested students for the MArch entrance exam (22nd-24th Feb. or 26th-28th Sept. 2012) and the architecture study program at the Angewandte.

Format & Output

The Spring Challenge Program is organized as a 6 day event. Participation is expected fulltime starting 9am. Introduction to Rhino/Grasshopper/Karamba will be followed by project design development and daily reviews of group projects which will enter into a competition mode. Selected projects will be fabricated and assembled as a group effort. The workshop will close with a final presentation with guests. The output will be parametrically designed and digitally produced human scale structures. The used material will be corrugated cardboard.


Time & Location:

13th-18th February 2012 at IoA / Angewandte Wien




IoA Team:

Andrei Gheorghe, Bence Pap


Irina Bogdan, Trevor Patt


Clemens Preisinger, Moritz Heimrath